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Scandinavian decor is one of the most sought after styles today, as it is a cleaner model that most people like. Although this decoration is very much in demand, not everyone knows how to actually bet on this decoration model, that’s why it is so important not only to understand how it works, but also to observe models to be inspired.

Therefore, in this article we have separated a guide to Scandinavian decoration, for you to understand how it works and bet on your home. Check out!

What is Scandinavian decor and what are its main features

Scandinavian decoration is something that refers to the concept of decoration in Denmark, Iceland, Sweden, Finland and Norway. These European countries, known as Scandinavians, have remarkable characteristics of warmth. They also have a strong presence of nature, mainly with leafy trees and mountains. For this reason, the internal composition of the properties refers to this force of nature, to the cosiness and well-being that it provides. All this through private objects, handcrafted and bright.

Simplicity is another interesting feature of this type of decoration. As well as balance: it is impossible to see something extremely modern and a very rustic object in the same environment. All these peculiarities of the Scandinavian style gained strength from the 20th century.

As already mentioned, one of the most present features in a Scandinavian decoration is the cosiness. For this reason, it is common to perceive objects that feel welcoming, to be “cute” to the touch, and also delicate in spaces. This peculiarity exists because Scandinavians are people who prefer to receive friends at home – and to receive well! – than going out to have fun. After all, the cold climate of the region ends up promoting this type of meeting at home.

Another individuality of this style is the presence of few pieces of furniture in the environment. Usually in light tones, this furniture should be functional and durable. This is so that they meet the needs of users in any way.

Applying a little wood to the walls and even pilasters is also interesting in the interior decorations. As well as cherish straight lines, simplicity and the emphasis on natural light. If the property has large windows or doors, it has an even more interesting effect in the Scandinavian style. After all, it is possible to take advantage of the rays of light coming from outside.

It is also important to highlight the palette of light colors that is always used. White, beige, gray, nude and brown. Black is used for counterpoint, and balanced with light tones has a very beautiful effect.

As long as they refer to nature, the products are likely to be quite welcome for decoration. That’s why plants are always an important part of environments! Large or small, flower pots and other vegetables bring the environment into the home.

In any case, remember to create a minimalist aspect when choosing and positioning all the components of your property. This is a crucial point in Scandinavian decor.

How to decorate a room in Scandinavian style

The decoration of an environment requires a lot of attention, as it is very important that a person feels comfortable in the space and happy with the chosen decoration. In addition, when we choose a particular style to bet, we need to pay attention to the elements that will compose, since everyone needs to talk to each other and send the chosen style.

Therefore, below we have separated some tips on how to decorate an environment with Scandinavian style.

Attention to the elements that must be used

A phrase is constantly used to define Scandinavian decor: “less is more”! Therefore, when planning your decoration choose few furniture, and light colors, as already explained. The idea is not to “weigh” the environment, nor to congest the space, even if it is large.

In addition to these, outstanding items are highlighted in this type of composition. Pendants for lighting, but with a more rustic characteristic. No over-worked chandeliers: this creates a feeling of luxury that doesn’t match European production! Using candles around the house is also interesting, since the objects create a cozy half light.

To increase the feeling of comfort, it is possible to adhere to “soft” rugs to the touch, or to carpets. Cushions and blankets on the sofa are also indicated, as they make the environment more “warm” and inviting. In this case, the pieces that imitate animal hair are wild, and reinforce the whole aspect of Scandinavia. The so-called Egg Armchair, which seems to embrace its user, has the same effect.

If you don’t have large windows, consider expanding those that already exist. Natural light is essential in this type of composition, and highlights the clean aspect of the environments. It is important, however, to avoid placing objects and ornaments in front of the window, as this will create a barrier, even if minimal, to the diffusion of light.

For the floor, the best alternative is wood. Often, the material can be applied directly to the floor already existing in the property. This makes the change easier. In addition to wood, however, it is interesting to invest in other materials. This time, however, they should appear as adornments on walls and other objects. Materials such as wool, linen, metal, leather, cotton and stones.

Do not forget to pay attention to the choice of colors

The next factor you need to keep an eye on in Scandinavian decor is the choice of colors. In this decoration model the uses of neutral colors are quite present, so you should prioritize them.

On the walls, the ideal is to paint them white and use only a few details in gray or light brown. Already in the colors of the objects, if you want you can use a colored tone. But only on some objects in highlights, paying attention so that it does not get too exaggerated.

Bring your personality to the environment

Finally, the last tip for betting on Scandinavian decor is to bring your personality to the space. Even if you have chosen a very specific style, it is necessary to bring a little bit of yourself into the environment.

This is important, because the comfort of the space is not only in the choice of elements, but in the act of being in a space that you identify with and feel good about. So, put some items that are important to you, to make the space much more interesting.

To inspire you, we will cite some examples of room compositions decorated with Scandinavian principles and different models. Soon after, you can follow photos and get even more inspiration. Follow us!

Scandinavian decor with spotlight

The first model with the use of Scandinavian decoration is with the point highlighted. In this case, the idea is for you to use a point of light to highlight a certain part of the environment. This creates an effect of luxury and at the same time coziness, since yellow light is used in most situations to make this point stand out.

In the case of Scandinavian decoration with a highlight, the interesting thing is that you take an item that represents more this style of decoration to highlight. This way, style becomes more striking and makes the space more graceful.

For those who have no idea what to highlight, one idea is to use the tables that are the most common. To do this, just take a big picture that has this style of decoration and point a led light at it. Thus, it will create a focus effect on the decoration.

Scandinavian neutral boy’s room

The next Scandinavian decoration model we have separated is the neutral boy’s room. Many people have doubts about being able to choose a certain style of decoration for the bedroom of young people and teenagers. However, you don’t always need to bet on children’s decor, and the Scandinavian style looks good on this model.

One suggestion is to paint a highlighted gray wall and use yellow light in the room. As one of the characteristics of Scandinavian decor is the warmth, the yellow light helps to bring that kind of feeling to the space.

Scandinavian cuisine with neutral colors

Scandinavian cuisine is a beautiful model and much sought after by people. The use of black, white and natural materials are common in this decoration model and there are several ways for you to implement these elements in the kitchen.

The kitchen table, for example, you can choose to use it in natural wood. On the counter, it would be interesting to use a white stone to bring an idea of ​​cleanliness and comfort. On the counter, it is interesting to use shelves with natural wood, emphasizing the use of neutral colors and the style of decoration itself.

Therefore, the idea of ​​Scandinavian decoration in the kitchen is to try to leave a clean environment, using natural elements that bring a feeling of coziness.

Scandinavian living room template with pillow composition

Scandinavian decor is usually the most sought after for the living room, as it is a room where people rest and spend time with family. Therefore, many seek a decoration that is comfortable and beautiful.

There are countless ways to bring Scandinavian style into the room, as well as several elements that you can add. Among the Scandinavian decoration models that you can make, one that we can highlight is the decoration with several pillows on the sofa.

The cushions alone already make a big difference to the environment and today, you can buy different models that help in the variation of the decoration in the space. In this way, it is interesting that you select several models of pillows, with different formats, but using neutral colors. Thus, it will create a cozy and beautiful decoration.

Scandinavian clean bathroom

The bathroom is another room where you can choose this style of decoration. In this case, it is important that you use white as a highlight and avoid using strong colors. This is because in addition to the bathroom needing a lighter decoration, for hygiene reasons, the Scandinavian style itself also uses cleaner colors.

In the bathroom decoration, you can use white ceramics and in the boxing part, the ceramics in shades of gray. In the sink space, an alternative is to opt for the elevated sink with yellow LED lights to create a feeling of comfort.

Finally, we cannot forget to mention the use of incense or elements that leave the bathroom with a pleasant smell. After all, the Scandinavian style does not just preach aesthetics, but the very comfort of the space, so it is worth leaving a good smell in the bathroom.

Double bedroom in Scandinavian style

Decorating a couple’s bedroom is often a rather complicated step. This situation is present since it is necessary to find a style of decoration that pleases both, looks beautiful and comfortable for everyone.

The Scandinavian style is very welcome in this environment and most of the time it pleases the couple. This is common because it is a more neutral style, so the use of clean colors are easier to please everyone.

For this environment it is valid to bet on a wallpaper on the main wall where the bed will be positioned. It should remain in the center, so that there is at least a small space next to the bed, in equal proportions, for each one.

Under the bed, the use of the rug is also incredible in this decoration model, especially with the use of furry rugs that make the space more comfortable. In this case, the ideal is to use a large rug that is half under the bed and the other half out, both at the front and at the sides.

Cozy Scandinavian living room decor with frame composition

As we mentioned, there are several ways to carry out Scandinavian decoration, mainly in the room. Then, another model of this style of decoration that you can also use in the room is with the composition of the pictures.

The use of paintings in the decoration brings an idea of ​​luxury. This is because generally the use of frames is more common in refined houses, especially when several are used on a single wall.

Regarding the position of the tables, there are also a variety of options for you to use in the room. Among them, you can place three large frames aligned, or several frames of different sizes in different positions.

However, the more pictures you put on a wall the more attention they will draw and the more complicated it will be to organize the rest of the elements that will make up the space. On the contrary, you will have more freedom in the composition of the rest of the decoration.

Scandinavian living room

A good choice for decorating home rooms is to choose to paint the walls white. Natural light should also be highlighted in these environments. Light colored furniture should be few and functional.

Pictures of varying sizes on the same wall, a mirror, electric lighting on a pendant, natural pieces, blanket on the sofa, rug and plant pot. These are usually the basic objects of the composition of the rooms. All of them together should provide lightness and warmth. This means, therefore, that it is better not to “weigh your hand”. Remember: less is more! So, no more “stuffing” rooms with various objects.

Scandinavian cuisine

The main feature of Scandinavian cuisine is organization. Therefore, there should never be objects thrown or misaligned in the room. In addition, it is important to have furniture and walls in light colors, few shelves and good light. Pendants and faucets with a different design are also common.

Scandinavian bedroom

For the bedroom, invest in the light walls and wooden floor – the fundamental aspects of this room! It is also important to have good lighting and a bed with a headboard, preferably more rustic. Wool, linen or cotton blankets and pillows should also be preferred for this style. Furniture should have straight lines instead of curves.

Scandinavian office template

The office in the cleanest European style usually has easels in light tones or in black. It also has simple chairs, such as transparent or stick-feet. And, of course, lamps, pictures and plants.

Black and white Scandinavian cuisine

Finally, the last decoration model that I separated is the black and white Scandinavian cuisine. The use of these colors in the environment is much simpler to decorate, being ideal for those who have more difficulty in this process.

In this model, to emphasize the style more, the ideal is that you choose utensils that refer to this style of decoration. For example, transparent pots with wooden lids, wooden spoon and others.

In addition, another suggestion is to bet on the use of plants in space as well. The small vertical garden with the herbs you like best, for example, is a good alternative.

Photos and ideas to get inspired!

To finish this article, we have separated some images of Scandinavian style for you to be inspired and bet on your home. Check out!  living room

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