Apartment Renovation: Essential Tips To Do

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apartment renovation

Doing someone’s apartment renovation deserves a lot of care. For example you need to avoid excessive noise, so as not to disturb the neighbors.

Another important point is to carry out the renovation only during business hours, as no one wants to wake up at seven in the morning to the sound of the work. This type of situation usually causes embarrassment, and even discomfort with other residents of the building.

At the same time, it is necessary to have the original plan of the property. Only then will you really know the structure of the apartment, the location of its electrical wiring pipes.

Have you ever thought of drilling a pipe in the middle of the work? Or even create a shock in the structure of the entire space, simply because you changed a wall that you shouldn’t have. Undoubtedly, the result will be a series of problems that can take a long time to correct.

So, look for the property builder and ask for your floor plan. Thus, you will have greater security in carrying out the renovation of the apartment.

Another tip is to gather your ideas before even planning the renovation. This will ensure that the changes made are well established, rather than modified over the course of the project. Last-minute changes generate rework and, often, more expenses.

Also, remember to plan your spending. On average, an apartment renovation costs between R $ 800.00 and R $ 2 thousand per square meter. Planning your finances will allow you to easily finish the job, instead of leaving it in half.

With these first points are well taken care of, you can begin the process of renovating your apartment. We list a step by step, tips just below. Keep reading.

Apartment renovation requires planning

The first step in renovating an apartment is to plan. It is necessary to plan the changes, the size of them, the expenditure, the work required, the professionals you will have to hire, etc.

At the same time, you should make a schedule of changes, defining when the work will start and end. The planning needs to be as detailed as possible, so that, when executed, it has the best results. No delays, no unnecessary expenses and no stress.

You can start the planning yourself, considering exactly the costs of the changes you want and when the work will start. But, to execute this project, it is important that you have a professional in the subject.

An architect or engineer who will know exactly how to carry out the changes you want in the apartment.

With that in mind, start by defining the goals of the apartment renovation. Should it change the structure of space? Should you color the environments? Bring more light, increase the rooms?

In the next step, you can do the price search for the materials and the necessary professionals. This will only be preliminary research, as the conversation with a professional may change what is necessary. For more or for less.

Still, this preliminary calculation is important for you to be sure that you really have what you need to spend on the apartment renovation.

Another tip to talk to people who have recently done renovations. Like friends, family and neighbors in your own building. They will be able to indicate places to buy materials, hire professionals, suggest interesting changes to the space and more.

Obtain the necessary authorizations

To carry out an apartment renovation, it is necessary to have the authorization of the condominium and the City Hall of your city.

The authorization of the condominium is important because it will define, for example, the time that the work can be carried out. It will also warn other residents of your need for noise, beware of the rubble and the traffic of professionals around the building.

This authorization is also necessary because the works can modify the total structure of the building. So, the planning of the changes must be done based not only on the structure of your apartment but of the entire condominium

Not to mention that many condominiums have rules on, for example, closing the balcony or changing the external facade, installing glass, windows, etc. Knowing these rules will prevent you from breaking them and having legal problems afterward.

In the case of city hall authorization, the rules change depending on the municipality. Therefore, it is important to check the project licensing manual for your city. The standards may consider aspects similar to that of the condominium, such as the installation of the balcony.

In fact, depending on the type of modification, it can change your property tax. The city needs to be informed about the changes in order to recalculate the tax. Otherwise, you can pay fines later.

Us and the right materials

apartment renovation

People often choose building materials based on their beauty, not their usefulness. Like a slippery floor installed on the outside of the property. It can be very beautiful and match the decor, but it can cause accidents if it gets wet.

It is essential to avoid situations like this, as they can cause headaches and financial loss. So, always do the research of the materials really necessary for your work.

For that, talk to the architect or engineer you hired. Also search the building supply stores for what really are the most interesting inputs for the changes you want to make in the apartment.

Buy enough material

A common mistake is making the purchase of material insufficient for your work. To avoid problems, talk to your architect and make a well-structured plan. Then, purchase all the material at once, as this can guarantee discounts at the building supply stores.

As a safety margin, buy 10% more than all calculated building materials. So, if something is lost or misused, you will still have something to finish your work with, without having to go back to the store and spend more.

In fact, purchasing the material in one go is interesting because, often, the parts are manufactured in a limited way. For example the floors, which can change from batch to batch. If you have purchased a lot of flooring now and purchase another one a few months later, there may be color differences in the coating of your apartment.

Beware of electrical and hydraulic installations

As we explained before, you will need to have the original floor plan of the apartment to make the necessary changes without compromising the hydraulics and the electrical part of the apartment.

Thinking about it, be careful with the new outlets you need, the changes in the hydraulics, the rest of the electrical. It is necessary to pay close attention to actions like this, which involves breaking walls, floors and so on.

Be sure to establish a project that is comfortable for professionals and residents of the space, and that is safe and easy to perform for everyone.

Make withdrawal of rubble

Accumulating construction debris can create a number of problems. Starting with complaints from the condominium itself, since residents will notice the accumulation of dirt around the apartment.

At the same time, this can hinder the work, since professionals will need to keep deviating from the accumulated.

Not to mention that the rubble attracts animals like cockroaches, rats and even scorpions. Of course, this is less common in apartments. But it can still happen and generate several complications, such as stings, illnesses and bad smells.

With that in mind, it is an essential part of your work to remove debris every day. Or at least once a week. Everything will depend on the amount of debris generated and the intensity of the workers’ traffic to your space.

Do not forget that the withdrawal of the accumulated will need to count on the help of a specialized company. This is because, most of the time, garbage collection does not take away construction debris.

If you leave this at the door of your condo, the dirt will probably build-up, without the collection of the public service. The situation will cause discomfort and may even generate fines imposed by your building. An extra expense that you don’t want to have.

Take care of structures and coatings

Already in the apartment renovation project, you have you defined what structures will be modified, the materials needed and how it will run. But all of this needs to be followed properly, to ensure that the space structures are safe and deliver what you want.

Most likely you will touch surfaces such as subfloor, plaster, electrical and others. Each of these deserves special care so that the results are quick and interesting. Your pocket and the look of the property.

For example changes in the electrical part will need very well finished finishes. Thus, they will be visually pleasing and will not cause problems as cho ques or power outages.

If it is necessary to install the subfloor, you will need to adjust the floor. That is, you should level it, so that the entire structure looks smooth.

In rooms that accumulate moisture, such as bathrooms, kitchen and laundry, the subfloor will need waterproofing. Be very careful when applying the waterproofing product, as it is essential to prevent infiltration.

When installing the flooring, do not forget that the floors are suitable for specific spaces.

Rough floors are ideal for exteriors, as they will prevent slipping accidents. Smooth floors can be applied to the internal part of the property, as long as these spaces do not accumulate moisture.

It is still important to ensure well-made finishes of the floors. D otherwise, it will be unattractive. Be careful with the cutouts and avoid leftover material.

Decorate the space!

reform ready

There are cases when, during a construction project, you will not be able to take your decoration and furniture out of the apartment. If that is the case, remember to protect it with l ones or other material that avoids the contact of dust and paint with their objects.

After the renovation, it will be time to put everything in place, be it your old or new objects, for a new look.

After a makeover, you can also be creative with your creativity. For this reason, it is worth investing in “do-it-yourself” objects for creative decoration. Our website has several tips on the subject. You can check it out by clicking on this link.

In any case, after the apartment renovation, you will want to decorate the space in the way that best matches the changes you have made. So, stop and think and exactly what look you want and what you intend to change.

A small renovation does not need so many changes in the decoration. But a major overhaul can guarantee an entirely “new” space, to guarantee greater “freshness” to the environment.

For example: if you renovate the bathroom, it is interesting to think of new shapes of taps, washbasins and a new countertop. Things that call attention to the changes you have made.

A new painting or wallpaper, in any environment of the apartment, can also make a big difference in the decoration. So try to balance the color palettes and objects you already have or want to install.

Lighting is another essential part of any decor. It can either highlight something or make something look less important. So, be careful with the bulbs you install.

Pay special attention to the natural lighting of the space. Sunlight can create a beautiful look, in addition to increasing the comfort and well-being of the environment.

Pick the professional adequad the

In order to carry out a successful work, it is essential that you hire the right professionals. You may prefer to run the work yourself, without an architect. But it will probably be much more effective to hire a mason, painter and other professionals to carry out the work.

Especially because, according to the Council of Architecture and Urbanism of Brazil (CAU / BR), some activities should only be carried out by qualified professionals. As the construction or demolition of walls and partitions, electrical, hydraulic and sanitary installations and others.

Taking all the care we have mentioned, you will have a faster and more efficient apartment renovation for your goals.

Don’t forget to decorate according to the changes you make. Not to spend a lot of time and the materials you have available to leave the environment exactly the way you want it. This will be very rewarding at the end of the renovation.