Bamboo Decoration: See +55 Photos and Ideas

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The bamboo part subfamily Bambusoideae, a derivation of Poaceae or Gramineae. This subspecies is divided into tribes worldwide and experts on the subject believe that there are 1,250 species of bamboo worldwide. Bamboo has a stem that is targeted by artisans around the world.

Everything in it is used, such as the stem, the fiber, the water, the bud, and can also be used in industry. There are antibacterial medicinal properties contained in bamboo with the power to assist in respiratory problems. In this guide on decorating with bamboo, we’ll talk more about decorating ideas with this wonderful plant. You can be inspired by the content of this guide and 55 photos that will stimulate your ideas.


Well, first I decided to separate the main advantages of using Bamboo. After all, as I mentioned, besides being a great decoration object it also has some benefits. So see what are its main advantages:

Lasts longer

The first advantage of using bamboo is that it is a very resistant material. So although some people believe that bamboo doesn’t have as good a durability as wood for example, in fact it lasts longer.

Therefore, for people who do not intend to change their decoration quickly, it is also very interesting to bet on this material.

It is lighter than other utensils

The next advantage is that bamboo is a very light material. So, in the case of kitchen utensils for example, you don’t have that weight like most of the objects we find. Which is even better for you to have at home.

It is an antibacterial material

Finally, we must not forget to point out that bamboo is an antibacterial material. In this way, it is easier to clean and has a much longer life. So for people looking for something more practical, bamboo is also something very interesting for you to bet on.

Decoration with bamboo

The bamboo is an excellent raw material used for decorations indoors and outdoors. Its resistance to different types of climates is a strong point when furniture and decorative objects are designed. Bamboo can be used in house structures designed to be simple.

This modality of decoration based on bamboo comes from Asia, being widely used by the eastern peoples. In oriental decoration, bamboo has been established for millennia. Eastern people use bamboo as a source of food, raw material and even as a weapon. In the modern and elegant decoration seen today, bamboo has already conquered its space. More and more new admirers are captivated by its beauty and durability.

Bamboo decorating ideas

Given this quick summary on the properties of bamboo, let’s give some examples of how you can use it in decoration:

Bamboo headboard

The first thing you can do using bamboo are the headboards. The cool thing is that in addition to being very beautiful in the decoration is great to use in rustic decorations. After all, we are talking about a totally natural material.

Therefore, if you want to have a different headboard and include this material in your decoration, it is worth betting on the bamboo headboard.

Panel for plant pots

An excellent decorative idea that can be used indoors and outdoors is the bamboo panel. For those who live in apartments or houses that have little external space, the panel can provide a lot of beauty in the decoration. You will be able to use mini vases or common sized vases that the panel will withstand without risk of breaking.

The central idea of ​​using a vase panel is to brighten the house or apartment with plants. Still breaking, the panel helps to decorate the bottom where these vases will go. You can use a panel with vases made of bamboo and add even more beauty to the environment. The bamboo panel does not consume much space in a small environment. It can be designed with the exact dimensions of what you need in terms of space.

Winter garden support

Once again, the bamboo associated with the plants is a great decoration option in indoor and outdoor environments. There are people who prefer to order the growth of climbing plants and aerial plants through assembled structures. If you are one of those people, you can control the growth of these plants inside your home. The support that the internal winter garden spends on rooms, balconies and other environments is very beautiful.

A good idea when choosing a garden stand is to use it in its original color. Although it receives a demand for colorless varnish, its original color looks good in rustic decorations. This is a great idea for those who want to decorate a house in the countryside with an indoor or outdoor conservatory.

Bamboo table

Another way for you to use it is by making a bamboo table. But in this case I recommend that it be a decorative table, after all, the cool thing about this material is to use it more as a decorative object.

Therefore, you can bet on a coffee table in your room. This way you will have a place to put glasses and popcorn when you are watching a movie, and it will look great in the decoration.

Walls and ceilings

Dedicating the walls and ceilings of some indoor environments lined with bamboo is something that is still little explored. When we talk about decorating with bamboo, people increasingly open themselves to bamboo furniture and objects. But when it comes to the internal lining of walls and ceilings, people tend to be more conservative about it.

One of the issues that also tend to have a greater impact on the use of bamboo flooring is that it has a high cost. Texturing ceilings and walls with bamboo flooring helps prevent stains and wear typically seen in other types of flooring. This idea is very cool in rooms and rooms of houses and apartments.

Bamboo coat rack

For those who want to make a closet, you can also choose to make a clothes rack using this material. This is an excellent option to leave your clothes exposed and look beautiful in your decor. Therefore, it is worthwhile to opt for the leatherette in your closet.

Bamboo Shelf

Another thing you can do with bamboo is a shelf. This is an excellent option for you to place your books or decorative objects. In addition, this shelf has a different design from the standard. This makes your environment even more modern and attractive.

Bamboo bed

Just as it is possible to make a bamboo headboard, you can also make a bed. But in this case, it is necessary to pay close attention to the structure so that it can support the weight of the mattress and people.

However, this type of bed is also quite different from the traditional ones which makes it even more interesting. So, if you are looking for something to differentiate your room this can be an excellent option.

Stairway with bamboo

Currently, a decorative ladder is being widely used. However, for you to get a little out of the pattern, you can choose to make it out of bamboo. After all, it is a different material from the one used and it looks pretty in the environment.

Therefore, you can use this ladder to place your favorite objects or even to organize your things.

Bamboo lamp

The bamboo lamp is something that looks amazing in the environment. After all, in addition to being a natural element in which it makes it even more interesting, with the light between the bamboo it becomes incredibly beautiful. Then, you can use this object to place it in your living room, bedroom or even on the countertop in the kitchen. This will make your home modern and attractive.

Bamboo bookcase

Another thing that you can also do using bamboo is a bookcase. In this case, unlike the ladder, it is completely straight on which you can place your belongings. So in this case, it can become both a decorative object and something really useful for you to store your things.

Bamboo garden

Above I mentioned that you can use the bamboo wall in your garden, but another thing that you can also do is a vertical bamboo garden. In this case you will create a wall and supports to place your plants. This will have a beautiful effect since we will be using a totally natural material together with the plants.

Bamboo candle holder

Another thing that looks beautiful from bamboo are the candle holders. In this case it is interesting to spread around the house during the night so that it becomes an even more cozy environment. So, when you go to visit for example, leave this object more in view, so that the environment will be even more pleasant.

Bamboo mirror

Creating a mirror with this material is quite interesting. In green, in this case you would be creating the mirror frame in which it looks beautiful in the decoration.

In the case of rustic bathrooms, you can choose to place this mirror and some straw boxes to organize your things. This way, it will increase the decoration and make your environment very pleasant.

Created from bamboo

Just as it is possible to make a mini table, you can also make a bamboo table. This is an excellent option for you to place a lamp next to your bed, books and even that candle holder that I mentioned above.

Therefore, it is only worth betting on this item to increase the decor of your room and be useful for you to keep your belongings.

Bamboo Soap Dish

Going back to that rustic bathroom idea, another thing you can use to emphasize this decor is the soap dish of this material. This is something that is incredible and makes all the difference in this environment.

So, it is interesting that you put the mirror and the straw box as mentioned and on top of the sink add the soap dish. This will emphasize your decor, making it even more beautiful in this environment.

Bamboo spice rack

And finally, another object that cannot be missing is the bamboo spice holder. Although some people do not have this mania for organizing seasoning, this is something that undoubtedly makes a total difference in your kitchen.

So it’s interesting that you expose this spice holder in your decor. In which, besides being something useful, it will make your environment even more beautiful.

Light filter panel

Bamboo can be used as a movable panel that can let light through. You can use this type of divider panel in rooms, study places and recreation areas. They work as screens, but can also be installed on windows, balconies and other environments.

External decoration

Emphasizing the decoration with external bamboo is a great decoration option, considering that this material will be resistant for a long time. You can build fences, walls, roofs, doors, windows, among others. There are numerous ideas for decorating with bamboo in the outdoor area. You can use torches built with bamboo, lounge chairs by the pool, kiosks close to pools, among other ideas.

For those who have a green area in the yard, there is a chance to build a mini decorative fence with bamboo. With this mini fence you can demarcate where a garden is and where people can move. You can also build a beach-style house made entirely of bamboo in your backyard. There you have the opportunity to receive your visitors on hot days. Build a house or a bamboo kiosk near the pool to receive your visitors on hot days.

Moss Moss

One of the bamboo species most admired by architects and decorators is the mossô bamboo. Several landscaping projects include the presence of this plant in indoor and outdoor environments. This type of bamboo is widely used in the decoration of houses, apartments, condominiums, offices, among others.

This bamboo specialty can be grown directly in the soil, and can be planted in pots. But, it is important that the climatic conditions that the mossô needs to live are respected.

The scientific name of mossô bamboo is Phyllostachys pubescens, part of the grass family, mossô being a rhizomatous herbaceous. This type of bamboo is originally from China and arrived in Brazil in the middle of Portuguese colonization. This kind of bamboo provides a relaxing feeling just from being in your presence. It is very beautiful in the internal and external decoration of the environments.

One of the interesting characteristics of this type of bamboo is that it has a very long life and can easily pass 100 years of age. The mossô flourishes at least 67 years of age, and it can take more than 100 years to flower in some cases.

Cultivation of mossô bamboo

Mossos can be grown all over the country, even in colder places like the extreme south. But it tends to thrive better in places with more moderate temperatures. The more fertile and permeable the land is, the better the chances of mossô establishing itself in a healthy way. Grow this type of bamboo in large pots, with plenty of depth and width, and weekly watering.

Decoration with bamboo mossô

With a great cost benefit you can take the mossô bamboo inside your home, providing a lot of charm and elegance in the decoration of rooms, balconies, and backyards. But the options of environments that can be decorated with mossô bamboo are varied.

You can use this type of bamboo to decorate gourmet kitchens and balconies. Just like the balcony of an apartment, with the presence of other decorative plants, mossô ends up being a great option.

In the backyard of the house, bamboo can grow well in pots or directly planted in the soil. You can dedicate corners of the yard or internal areas of the house to grow this species of bamboo. It does not hinder the displacement of residents and visitors. Its growth is very slow compared to other bamboo species, and can be controlled calmly. Still, you have the option of pruning to avoid extrapolating in volume and height.

Dedicate a corner of your house or apartment to receive an object made of bamboo, a piece of furniture built in a 100% handmade way or a vase with the plant inside your home. You bring a piece of nature into your home when you experiment with the use of bamboo in decoration.

Care of bamboo objects

For the use of bamboo it is necessary to have some care to keep it always beautiful and to make it also last longer. So to help you in this process, I separated some care tips with this object for you to do at home. Check out!

Keep away from water

The first care that cannot be missed is to keep the bamboo away from the water. Unfortunately, if this material starts to get a lot of water, it will end up spoiling much faster and it will not be very pleasant in your environment. So be very careful with that.

Use a damp cloth to clean

When you are cleaning bamboo furniture, my suggestion is that you use a damp cloth just to remove the dust. But be very careful with that, because the bro can’t look too much, since as we mentioned above, water can harm this material.

So, just be careful with cleaning, so that your furniture will always be pleasant.

Maintaining the shine of bamboo

And finally, always keep the bamboo shine. Unfortunately, over time the objects lose their natural luster. Then you can choose to look for specialized products that help keep bamboo always shining and pleasant.

So, try to use this product sometimes to keep the object beautiful for much longer.


Before we finish, separate some more images of bamboo objects for you to use in your decoration. Check out!