Bar Cart For Living Room: Learn How To Use, Tips And Inspirations!

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The bar trolley for the living room is a versatile piece capable of making any corner more beautiful. It is the place where you can accommodate your alcoholic beverages, decorate the room with style and add other drinks, such as coffees and teas.

It is easy to find it on the market in the most varied models, formats and materials, being easy to harmonize with different styles of decoration. If you are looking for a bar for your home, this article is for you. Check out our selection of tips and inspirations and choose the bar cart that is right for you!

What is bar cart for living room?

Normally, this piece is manufactured with wheels, which facilitates mobility, making it able to be transported to other rooms in the house, and freeing up space when cleaning the room.

The presence of this cart in the room is increasingly common in current projects, this because it matches the space, and it is interesting to keep the drinks close to the place where the drinks will be tasted. A good place to leave it is close to the armchairs, as it facilitates use by residents.

It can be manufactured in metal, wood, bamboo, plastic and more. Some models are colorful, others are more neutral, everything will depend on the style you want to convey.

Advantages of using the bar cart in the room

We have selected some advantages that using the bar cart in the room can bring you. Check out!

1 – Style on wheels

The bar carts are beautiful and offer a lot of practicality due to the fact that they move everywhere. Opt for a model that matches the decor of your room. Place it in a prominent corner in the room and store your favorite drinks.

2 – An exclusive corner for bar items

Furniture is a great solution for those who always dreamed of having a bar at home, but do not have space available. It is small, but has space to accommodate bottles, bowls and accessories.

Some items that can be stored in your cart are:

  • Classic drinks, such as whiskey, vodka, gin and rum;
  • Light drinks, such as tonic water, soft drinks and juices;
  • Some tools, bottle opener, corkscrew, strainer, mixer;
  • Cups and containers;
  • Cocktail, wine and champagne glasses, shot glasses, ice bucket;
  • Between others.

3 – Versatile models

There are models for all styles, and that fit all decorations. You can find retro, modern, contemporary or even vintage models. For sure, you will find some model that is your face.

And below we will show you several different models for you to be inspired when choosing your cart to use in the room!

4 – A piece of furniture for everyone

And the last advantage of this furniture is that it is perfect for anyone in the house. Everyone will be able to decorate it with bowls, vases, paintings and the choice of drinks.

How to choose the ideal bar cart for your living room

To choose the bar cart that you will use in your room, it is necessary to think about some details first. Therefore, we have made a selection of tips that will help you.

1 – Bet on different designs

The bar cart can have a different design to break the linearity of minimalist and contemporary environments. So, invest in rustic models that refer to the countryside, or else colorful models with a more daring footprint. Thus, it is possible to contrast with the environment and dare in the right measure.

2 – Can be used as a decorative piece

The bar cart, in addition to being very useful when storing glasses and glass bottles, also has a decorative function. Just add a beautiful vase of flowers, a delicate painting, several books, among other decorative objects. Thus, it composes the environment with practicality and beauty.

3 – Add color to the furniture

Most of the carts are made of metal or wood in their natural tone, but that does not mean that it cannot have color. Those looking for striking furniture can take a coat with their favorite color, or even buy one that is already dyed for less work.

4 – Can accommodate different objects

The bar cart can have new shelves and gain more space to store decorative objects and bowls in your room. A beautiful picture and a lamp can also be placed on the cart to complement its look.

5 – Models with special niches for drinks

How about choosing a model with circular niches that are special to accommodate glass bottles? Some types of trolleys may even contain support for bowls. That way, everything is organized, protected and stylish.

5 – Simple bar trolley

If your goal is to be more discreet, the stroller with a minimalist design is the right choice. It has a structure composed of straight lines and more sober tones. It is capable of storing drinks and decorative objects with mastery, but without losing the simplicity of its style.

6 – Transparent cart

The transparent bar cart is another very interesting option. It has beauty and refinement. It is a lightweight model that does not weigh in on the look of the room. It can be made in a mix of metal, acrylic and mirrors, for this reason, it requires a little more care in everyday life and maintenance of cleanliness.

7 – Use as a special place for the beautiful coffee maker

Your bar cart may lose the function of accommodating distilled beverages to become a delicate piece of furniture to accommodate the coffee maker and cups responsible for tasting the coffee. It is a very practical idea for those who do not like alcohol very much, but want to accommodate a bar at home.

8 – Neutral tones

Neutral tones such as gray, beige, white and black are wild in the decor. They do not weigh on the environment and allow greater harmony in the room with other tones. Opt for a cart that has these shades, if your room already has other strong and striking colors.

9 – Made of bamboo

Bamboo is a natural material, and it gives your bar cart an extra dose of charm and style. It is worth choosing one that has a space reserved for plant pots, as they combine with the decorative line of the bar cart made in bamboo.

10 – Mixing glass and metal

The mixture of these two materials is very interesting. It is possible to opt for a metal bar cart, where drinks will be placed, and which has a glass niche to accommodate different models of glasses.

11 – In striking wood tones

In environments where black and white predominate, it is worth choosing a cart that has a different and striking design, and that mixes natural wood tones. The result is a room with a very elegant contrast.

12 – Vintage bar cart

The vintage bar cart will bring personality and functionality to your room. It can be a family heirloom or a new model with a retro style. They can also be found in antique stores, antique furniture stores and fairs. Your home will gain an old touch mixed with the modernity of the rest of the environment.

How much does a bar cart cost?

The bar cart may vary in price depending on the material and style of the cart.

On the internet, we can find models that cost from R $ 110 to R $ 3,000. The cheapest models are simpler and with a less resistant material, while the more expensive ones will be trolleys that will last forever and have a greater number of dividers and shelves.

Where to buy the bar cart

In physical decoration stores you can find several models of bar trolleys to use in your living room. And if you prefer to buy online, you can find it in large marketplaces, such as Mercado Livre, Americanas, Submarino and in large decoration stores, such as Tok & Stok, Mobly, Etna and Leroy Merlin.

Bar cart suggestions to suit all styles

There are endless options for strollers, everything will depend on your budget and personal taste. We made a list with several models, check and choose your favorite.

Product 1: Bar Cart James – Nogueira. Buy at Oppa

This piece is authentic and stylish. It has a modern look that will make your living room incredible. Made in dyed eucalyptus and has its wheels and two fixed and hollow shelves, so as not to accommodate liquids.

Product 2: Fox Bar Cart. Buy at Milênio Móveis

A model made with synthetic fiber and that will give a special charm to the environment. A practical model with an aluminum structure and electrostatic painting. Your home will look amazing with this model.

Product 3: Saint Tropez Wooden and Metal Tea Cart. Buy at Iaza Wooden Furniture

This model is modern and sophisticated and can make your home even more beautiful. It is multifunctional and can be used to support drinks and decorative items or as a bar. It has wheels for easy transport and is made of solid wood with metal finish.

50 photos of bar trolley for living room that will inspire you to choose your model

Now that you have checked out the advantages of learning several tips for choosing your bar cart, it’s time to check out images that will inspire you to find the perfect model for you. Check out our selection of 50 lovely photos.

1 – We have already started with a wonderful model, where you can see support for bottles and glasses!

bar cart template

2 – The bar cart in this image is hidden right at the back of the room

3 – The distinction of the wheels of this cart give a vintage and modern air at the same time

vintage and modern bar cart

4 – The bar cart in this room complements the surrounding decor very well

Well decorated room

5 – Remembering that you can use more than drinks to decorate your cart

varied decoration

6 – This cart below has a very luxurious design

Luxurious design trolley

7 – And yes, you can also have a wooden bar cart to beautify your room

Wooden trolley

8 – Paint your cart in your favorite color, and the result will be incredible!

Green cart

 9 – The glass bar cart is a little more delicate, but very beautiful

Glass in decoration

10 – This model below is very retro, which can combine a lot depending on the environment in which you use it

Retro Cart

11 – This cart even comes with a pillow so you can rest while enjoying your drink

Rest cushion

12 – A cart with three compartments, one for each type of situation

Trolley with three compartments

13 – A minimalist stroller practically disappears in the decoration, perfect for those who want something more discreet

Minimalist decor

14 – Another minimalist model, but very beautiful!

Minimalist template

15 – Investing in little strollers seems to be in fashion these days

minimalist bar cart

16 – For a pink room, look for a bar cart that matches the rest of the decor

minimalist bar cart

17 – The bar cart in this room is very discreet, great for not stealing attention from the surrounding decor

discreet bar cart in the corner of the room

18 – How about painting your bar cart all pink? The result can be better than you think!

Pink painted bar trolley

19 – It looks like a small shelf, but in fact it is a bar cart all made of wood! Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Bar trolley all made of wood

20 – And if you liked the model above, then just take a look at the one below!

All yellow bar trolley

21 – Ideal model for you to leave in a waiting room

Waiting room trolley

22 – This cart has “two and a half compartments”, making it a very cool design

Cart with two and a half compartments

23 – A small bar cart, right next to the chair so you can relax

Cart next to the chair

24 – The model of this bar cart is another very cool one, with only a single wheel

Bar cart with one wheel

25 – Another model of a retro cart

Retro model stand

26 – The bar cart in this room almost disappears in the face of so much decoration, but it does its job well

Bar cart in the well decorated room

27 – The cart in this room is basically part of the decoration as a whole

Used cart next to the decoration

28 – For an office, the carts also combine very well

bar trolley in office

29 – Drinks at the top and magazines at the bottom, balancing the decor well

Bar cart template

30 – The bar cart is just the one on the left, but in this image it looks like a complement to the decoration next to it

Small bar trolley

31 – Painting your cart can serve you well to make it even more alive

Colorful bar trolley

32 – A wooden cart model a little different from the ones we’ve seen so far

Wooden trolley

33 – How about a glass bar cart? Notice, even the wheels of this cart are made of glass!

All glass bar trolley

34 – A simpler model, but without losing its elegance

Simplest bar cart

35 – Sufficient space to store all drinks

Bar cart template

36 – This is a cart that goes beyond simply a bar, a much more complete model

Full model bar trolley

37 – The color of this cart was handpicked, precisely to match the rest of the decoration in the room

Matching colors

38 – A simpler cart model, with a bar at the top and fruit at the bottom. A drink and a fruit, to keep the balance

Small cart

39 – Another stroller model to spark your imagination

Simple model trolley

40 – This is already a more different model, to match well with the room around you

Wooden trolley

41 – This bar cart has a luxurious model, the kind we see in the movies

Luxury bar trolley

42 – Much like the model above, just changing a few small details


43 – A more different model, it doesn’t even look like a cart, but rather a small shelf with wheels

Wheeled shelf

44 – The wooden bar cart in this room combines very well with the set of chairs and the wooden table

Wooden cart, table and chairs

45 – A large trolley gives you the advantage of being able to place more decorative pieces on it

Large trolley

46 – Returning to the idea of ​​painting the carts, the gray color provides an aspect of seriousness and modernity

gray painted bar cart

47 – The bar cart does not need to be just in the living room, leaving it in the library can be a good complement when reading

Bar cart in the library

48 – It’s Happy Hour!

Happy hour!

49 – And if you are looking for different models for your cart, check this one below

Cart with different models

50 – And finally, we bring you another model of a glass bar trolley, very careful when handling it!

glass bar cart

The bar trolley for the living room is a versatile item that can be both practical and decorative. This piece will make your room more beautiful and stylish. Choose the model that best matches the rest of the decor in the room and add your personal style to the piece, be it in color, decoration or in the choice of drinks.

So, what did you think? Which of the models above did you like the most? Tell us in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you!