Festa Junina Decorations: How to Organize and Decorate a Beautiful Party!

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festa junina decorations

The June festivities are one of the most traditional and most celebrated Brazilian folkloric manifestations in the whole country. Each region has its own way of celebrating through its typical foods, costumes and dances, as well as specific characteristics that are part of the party’s identity. However, flags, balloons, checkered fabric, bonfires, among others, are all common June party decorations in many celebrations.

Therefore, if you want to produce a “ray” of those so no one can fault it, you should focus on organizing and planning the party. This is because it is the type of party that requires a lot of details in terms of food, drink, decoration, music, costumes, dances, games and everything else.

The decor is essential to give the mood of the theme, and you can use your creativity to make combinations with the right materials, in order to maintain the rusticity characteristic of this popular party.

Among the most used materials are straw hats, plaid and patchwork fabrics, corn cobs, colored tissue paper, cords, string, colored ribbons, wooden trunks, printed images of saints and many others.

Want to know how to make festa junina ornaments to decorate and organize one of the most fun parties in the country? Then come “conóis sô”!

How to plan a Festa Junina

typical table decorated with festa junina ornaments To plan a June party you need to be attentive to many details, in addition to the June party decorations.

Before you start thinking about the June party decorations that will decorate the party, it is necessary to organize the strategic planning of the party. The ideal is to put on paper your central idea of ​​the party, defining everything that will be necessary for your production with the execution periods in each stage.

It sounds complicated, but it is very simple to do once you have everything organized. Just start with the number of people, the budget you can make available, the party’s profile, the place, time and date, and the rest will fit.

See below everything you will need in more detail:

Budget for the event

Perhaps the budget is the starting point, because it is by thinking about it that you will be able to format the type of party that you will be able to organize. After setting a value, you will also have to decide how much will be spent in each area of ​​the party’s production, always leaving room for emergencies and unforeseen circumstances. From each stipulated amount, you will have more clarity when deciding where to spend more and where to cut expenses.

Amount of people

Determining the maximum number of people who will attend your party is super important, as this will influence virtually all factors onwards. With the budget set, you can already get an idea of ​​how many people you can invite.

Larger events, for example, require much more structure to accommodate guests, as well as enough food and drink for everyone. From the number of people, you will also be able to define the location of the party, bathrooms, the number of security guards, tents, etc.

Party profile

The profile of the June party involves several questions, such as whether it will be in the form of a show, an event in the kermesse scheme, whether it will be beneficent, whether tickets will be charged for entrance or for the food and drink stands and games, or if only it will be a party for the community, family and friends, in which everyone contributes or not.

Therefore, you will have to determine your target audience first, since all actions going forward will be based on what you define in this step. From here, you can decide all the other stages that will be part of the party or not.

Place, date and time

The place where the June party will be held will be proportional to the number of guests and the party’s profile. From the chosen location, you should focus on the details of security and infrastructure, such as adequate bathrooms, accessibility for the disabled, signage and parking, coverage in case of rain, etc.

The date is also very important so that you have time to prepare it accordingly and so that your guests can also plan ahead for the event. Find out if no other event of this type is happening on the same day in the city, as it is a busy season.

The time will be related to your target audience and party profile. After all, a family party with adults, young people and children is different from a party where only adults can attend. Try to adapt the schedule with activities for all ages of your audience.

Tickets and Tokens

Depending on the party’s profile, you may or may not charge admission. Here you can do it in several different ways. In the case of a June benefit party, you can ask for donations of food or clothing intended for charity as a form of admission.

If you prefer to charge entry, the ideal is to organize the advance sale, which can even be over the internet through a professional online platform, which brings many benefits such as real-time sales control, demand control, etc. Making selling available online is a great advantage for the public, who can buy tickets in the comfort of their own home.

If admission is free, you can organize a way to sell tokens for activities in the party stalls. Each stall can have its responsible for the sale and collection, the entire event can be responsible for all stalls.


With the target audience defined, the disclosure is easier to be done, because you have to know what is the best way to reach this audience. A party for the community can include promotional actions in squares and public places in the neighborhood, with posters and flyers distributed in the streets and places of greater access and visibility. If the public will be more focused on young people, abuse the dissemination on the internet using social networks and through partnerships with high visibility sites.

Take advantage of social networks to link the event to the chosen sales platform, such as an event page on Facebook or Instagram, so that the person can be directed directly to the ticket sales page.

Music and dances

folk dances Folk dances are a tradition of the June festivities

The music is like decoration, it will set the whole atmosphere of your party. In the case of a June party, the musical selection must contain typical songs, forró, sertanejo, country, among other musical modalities related to the theme.

One option is to hire a DJ with knowledge and experience at June parties and alternate with live bands, such as trios, accordion players, forrozeiros, etc. Also plan a time of greater interaction with the audience, forming a large group or even a rehearsed presentation of typical dances.

This is one of the things that can’t be missed at a June party! Regardless of the profile of your event, it is important to get your guests to participate in this moment, whether attending a presentation or even joining the dance.

Food and drink

typical foods can serve as decorations for the June party There are several types of june party foods

If your party’s profile includes food and drink stalls, spread them out across the party venue in a variety of ways. If it is a smaller event, you can create tables scattered around the venue. Typically, the menu includes typical foods, but you can include any type of food and drink that pleases your target audience.

Some examples:

  • Roasted peanuts, sweet and salted popcorn;
  • Hot dog;
  • Kebab;
  • Cornmeal bread and other cakes;
  • Sweet rice;
  • Hominy;
  • Love Apple;
  • Green corn, cural and mush;
  • Peanut candy;
  • Boy’s foot;
  • Broths;
  • Mulled wine and mulled wine;
  • Regional dishes and typical sweets;
  • Beer, juices and soft drinks.

Typical Costumes

children dressed in june party clothes Typical costumes cannot be missed at a June party

As in any event, attire is an important element, and in the case of the June party it must be very characteristic. In order for the party to have the desired mood, it is essential that all guests are characterized with the typical costumes of the June party.

In the case of the typical male costume, the plaid shirt accompanied by jeans with scraps of fabrics sewn to the fabric is a classic. You can vary with a bib and complement with accessories with the scarf around your neck, straw hat, boots and a makeup imitating a beard and mustache.

Women can abuse a colorful dress, printed and swirled, decorated with lace, colored ribbons and patchwork. Accessories can include flowers, pigtails, braids with ribbons in the hair or straw hat. The makeup complements the look with lipstick, blush and spots on the cheeks.

June party games

Even though I don’t have food and drink stalls, the stalls with typical games are a success, especially among young people and children. You can collect prizes during the planning of the party to give gifts for each arrangement or participation.

Typically, the typical games of a June party are as follows:

  • Target shooting;
  • Clown’s mouth;
  • Ring set;
  • Fishing;
  • Elegant mail;
  • Jail;
  • Bingo;
  • Mechanical bull;
  • Power hammer;
  • Jumps and inflatable jumps, among others.

June party decoration

junina party decorations - little flags The flags are typical June party ornaments.

Last but not least, the characteristic decoration is fundamental to create the atmosphere of the party theme. So, take care of the typical props of this type of party. The flags and balloons cannot be missing at all!

Spread fabrics made with scraps, jute and cheetah on tables and stalls, flower pots, wicker baskets, hay and straw, and don’t forget a big fire. Party signs can also help with decoration, such as signs informing where the activities will be, each tent, among others.

You can place images of saints, typical figures such as green corn, scarecrow, rednecks, colored lights, torches, etc. Don’t forget the fireworks, silver showers and pops – kids love it!

How to make festa junina ornaments

cord of decorated jute flags The festa junina ornaments can be made in many creative ways.

As the decoration is super important to give the atmosphere of the party, the decorations of the June party will help to compose this whole scenario. There are a number of traditional and very popular elements that help a lot to decorate the party.

See some examples below:

Festa Junina Decorations: Plaid Fabric

juunina party ornaments: plaid fabric The checkered fabric cannot be missing in the decoration of the June party decorations

Every June party has a “rural” atmosphere and the plaid fabric is the most traditional pattern associated with this type of party. So, use and abuse this print, mixing colors and colored ribbons.

Checkered fabric can cover tablecloths, create curtains and decorate tents. The smooth flags can also be interspersed with the plaid fabric. Combine everything with bold colors, stripes, balls and florals.

In general, checkered prints include red, black and white, navy blue, greens and orange. Include the cheetah florals and strong shades of purple and lilac – the idea is to make everything very cheerful and colorful.

Festa Junina Decorations: Wicker and straw

festa junina decorations: wicker and straw Wicker and straw are materials that can not be missing from the June party decorations

To continue giving a rural and rural atmosphere to the event, nothing like using straw, hay and wicker. It is the type of material that closely resembles the garden, giving a more rustic look to the place.

Combine these elements with wood, pallet furniture, wicker baskets, demolition wood and firewood. In addition to straw, you can also use sisal to create specific objects, and the twisted vine, which can come in the form of balls of various sizes.

Festa Junina Decorations: Flags and balloon

festa junina ornaments: flags and balloons The flags and balloons are popular June party decorations

The traditional flags and balloons cannot be missing in the decoration of the June party. Made of paper, plastic or fabric, with checkered prints or just plain and colorful, the flags give the typical atmosphere of a “perfect camp”.

They are already sold by the meter hanging from string, just hang them up. Or, if you want to get the family to cut tissue paper and make your cords, it’s a great way to engage everyone in decorating the event.

Dropping balloons is forbidden, but no one said you can’t use them to decorate the party. You can mix them with flags every meter away, put them in the center of the tables and on the columns.

They can be of several different sizes and even serve as luminaries, of the type lantern. Usually, the balloons are super colorful and sold ready-made and cut in stores specializing in party items, especially at that time.

Festa Junina Decorations: Bonfire

June party decorations: bonfire The bonfire is one of the most popular June party decorations.

The bonfire is also super traditional in this type of event. But if you don’t want to or can’t make a real fire, you can create party decorations with this figurative element.

You can buy the ready-made posters in specialized stores or make bonfires with cellophane or EVA, for example, by spreading them on the party tables or in the corners. It’s super cool!

Decorations for Festa Junina: With crepe paper

festa junina decorations: ears of crepe paper corn Corn cobs made of crepe paper are very cool ideas for June party decorations

Crepe paper is another super inexpensive material for making June party decorations. Crepe paper flowers are super hot and go great with this type of party. You can create colorful panels with flowers of different sizes or hang them mixed with flags and balloons, decorate the tents, tables, etc.

Inspirations of festa junina ornaments for decoration

If you still don’t know where to start, we have selected some images of june party ornaments that can serve as references for you to create a very original and creative decoration. Check it out below:

junina party decorations on decorated table Crates, mini flags and colored ribbons with scraps adorn any June party ornament. table decorated with june party ornaments Straw hat and wicker plates with checkered tablecloth are perfect June party decorations junina party decorations on a table decorated with typical foods The foods are super cool packaged in colorful blocks and straw hats. Typical June party decorations to decorate the party table. Typical June party decorations to decorate the party table. Garlands decorated as june party ornaments Decorated garlands can become June party ornaments to hang. junin party ornaments for hair The girls’ hair can be adorned with junina party ornaments EVA bonfire party decorations EVA bonfire party decorations Fabric decorated balloon festa junina decorations Fabric decorated balloon festa junina decorations Lanterns of festa junina ornaments made of colored fabric Lanterns of festa junina ornaments made of colored fabric Scarecrows are super cute June party decorations. Scarecrows are super cute June party decorations. Stamped colored paper balloons are beautiful ornaments of the June party. Stamped colored paper balloons are beautiful ornaments of the June party. Love apple as june party ornaments. Apple of love decorated with checkered ribbons are beautiful as ornaments of the June party. Bullet tubes decorated like caipirinhas are an excellent idea for a June party decoration. Bullet tubes decorated like caipirinhas are an excellent idea for a June party decoration. The typical straw hat can be decorated with jute and flowers and become an elegant June party table decoration. The typical straw hat can be decorated with jute and flowers and become an elegant June party table decoration. Bonfires like table lamps as ornaments of the June party. Bonfires like table lamps as ornaments of the June party. june party decorations in cheetah fabric Baldinhos and colorful cans are beautiful combined with boxes lined with calico on the table. festa junina decorations: little boxes decorated with flags The boxes decorated with flags look beautiful as centerpieces

So, did you like all the tips on how to plan and organize and decorate your June party? We hope it is a success!