Glass Dining Table Models: Tips and Photos

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The glass dining table is the wildcard in the decoration. It contributed to the atmosphere being more elegant, bright and full of charm. It is possible to make several different combinations with this piece, combinations that range from rustic to modern.

The important thing about choosing a dining table that creates a pleasant atmosphere is that you will have a special place to dine and be able to receive your guests. To help you find the ideal model of the glass dining table, we have made a list of tips and advantages of this material. Check it out and get inspired!

The history of glass

The glass, when it appeared, about 5000 BC, was a fluid element with a high degree of viscosity at room temperature, made from the mixture between sand and high chemical ingredients at a temperature of 1500ºC. It was discovered when Phoenician merchants accidentally built a fire on the shore and placed pots made of sodium nitrate. The combination of fire, sand and sodium nitrate resulted in a translucent liquid known as glass.

Over time, the production became more modern and sophisticated, reaching its peak on the island of Murando, near Venice, in 1300, as a technique molded by roll.

And it was in the 18th century, with Louis XIV in France, that the glass masters opened a glass industry.

Nowadays, we find several different ways and techniques to achieve the expected result of glass. It all depends on the temperature, cooking pressure and raw materials involved. These are the actions that will determine the final result, such as thickness, clarity, among other factors.

Certainly, what we have is a noble and prestigious material. It is used in interior decoration and has the most diverse features.

Glass dining table shape

Like all dining tables, we can find the glass table in four main formats, round, rectangular, oval and square. We selected the main characteristics of each one of them.

1 – The round table

The round tables manage to make the interaction between the guests better and more intimate, since they sit facing each other. It is important to pay attention to the number of chairs, which must be proportional to the size of the table. What is certain is that they have a distance of 60 centimeters between them and back. Thus, everyone is more comfortable.

2 – The rectangular table

The glass-topped rectangular dining table is more traditional, and follows the same round principle as for distance. The biggest advantage of this format is that you can place chairs at the ends, increasing the amount of places available to sit. Its base can be made with various materials, such as wood, metal, burnt cement and MDF.

To choose the base material, what will determine is the desired decorative style, as well as the amount of investment that can be made. This table is perfect by the window. And when the top and base follow rectangular lines, the glass gains better support and firmness.

3 – Square

The square dining table adds style to the decor. With it, your friends or family will be more comfortable to interact and enjoy the meal, be it lunch or dinner. They can be pressed against the wall and people are closer. However, this format takes up a lot of space and is less flexible when accommodating guests, so it is more suitable for larger environments.

4 – Ovals

This table format expands the room and manages to better accommodate the family around you. It is an unusual model, and for that reason it gives a touch of sophistication and exclusivity to the environment.

It is ideal for medium to large spaces, where there is a greater circulation of people. They do not have corners, being safer for homes with small children. It occupies less space than the rectangular table, but accommodates the same number of chairs.

Dining table with cracked glass top

Cracked glass is the right choice for those who are not afraid to dare. It produces a different visual effect to the glass top. It is a material composed of three internal blades, made of tempered glass, which is what gives the crackle.

The other two are made of the monolithic version of the glass. They are joined by two Polyvinyl Butiral (PVB) films, and then the inner one is broken. The fragments join the film and are trapped between the outer blades.

This glass top is very safe when done correctly. So, find a reliable supplier that guarantees the quality of your work. That way, you will have a unique, stylish and cozy table.

The Importance of Tables for the Dining Room

The glass table receives a lot of importance inside the room, because it is the star of the decoration, the main support and the furniture that will dictate all the decorative style of the environment. It is the largest piece to be used and with the most impactful look. Therefore, the choice of a suitable model that has refinement, elegance, versatility and resistance is essential. Take this action seriously and the result will be wonderful.

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The Style of the Glass Dining Table

Glass is a material that guarantees light, freshness and a contemporary touch to the space. The piece is resistant, easy to clean and works both for more modern decorations and for a contrast between modern and classic. See how to decorate with the glass dining table in different styles!

1 – Bet on the Modern Style

The glass dining table blends perfectly with the modern style. For this purpose, bet on a model with wooden toothpick feet. They are trending and can appear in all formats.

Modern dining table A modern dining table adds a lot to the atmosphere!

Choose the shape and size of your table according to your needs and the space available. The complement of the modern touch is on account of the chairs, which can be Charles Eames.

2 – Contrast between the pieces

A decorative identity with a touch of personality, calls for a mix between modern and classic pieces. Combine the glass dining table with wooden chairs and create a harmonious and exclusive space.

It is also worth investing in more refined chairs, if your table is rectangular, to put on the ends. Make a composition of solid wood chairs with straight lines.

3 – Glass dining table with wood

Glass blends very well with wooden items. And it doesn’t always need to be present on the chairs or the base. In integrated environments, finish with dark wood on the walls and center the table in the room using the lighting to highlight the furniture.

4 – Lighting for dining table

The lighting in the dining room plays a very important role. It helps to center the table and makes its material reflected in the composition of the environment. Then, place a chandelier on top of your table, so that it receives a large amount of light, becoming the main attraction of the environment.

To keep the climate clean and functional, you can add glass cabinets to compose the environment.

5 – With rustic base

Most of the glass-based tables have a differentiated base, made with a bold layout, a different material and receive texture and coloring. As they appear through the glass, they need to stand out in some way.

A nice idea is to use the rustic style at its base. How about a structure that mimics the trunk of a massive tree? The union of glass with this base composes a contemporary and cozy look.

6 – Metal Base

The metal base is a characteristic of the modern style and when combined with leather it ensures a very interesting look. The metal is also very nice with burnt cement and wood, being able to compose a very elegant industrial decoration.

7 – Colorful

How about a dining table with a colorful support base? When enamelled, it makes the composition even more interesting and sophisticated. It is worth using chairs with a white base to balance the colors of the table. The glass top allows the colored base to be seen by everyone.

Care to be taken with the glass dining table

Your table needs some care so that its durability is longer. Like investing in pot rests and never placing hot objects directly on the table, as this can stain it.

Do not drag objects over the glass of your dining table, as this will not scratch the material. Support towels or dish racks whenever using your table.

Periodically clean using alcohol or products specially developed to clean glass furniture. Avoid abrasive products and do not use the thick side of the sponge. Be aware that a small amount of alcohol or cleaning product, in excessive amounts, can damage the glass by leaving residues.

In deeper soils, apply more thin layers over the furniture, as needed.

Finally, invest in polishing the table every time you clean it. Polishing products can be found in supermarkets. This process gives more shine and protects the furniture against spills of liquids and food by creating a protective film.

36 photos of glass dining table to inspire you

The glass dining table can appear in the most varied formats, models, sizes and compositions. To inspire you to create the decoration of your environment, we made a selection of 40 photos. Check it out and choose your favorite!

1 – In this dining room below, even the chairs look like glass, matching well with the table!

Glass table in the dining room

2 – You can also combine a glass top on your table with wooden support and wooden chairs

Glass and wood table with wooden chairs

3 – A lamp right on top of your glass table can also match well with the kitchen environment around

Glass table in the kitchen

4 – Notice that even the support of this table is made of glass

Glass table with glass support

5 – Another model of glass table with wooden chairs around for you to see how well they match

Glass table and wooden chairs

6 – The support of this table is the trunk of a tree, which only makes it even more beautiful!

Table with tree trunk support

7 – This dining room besides the table also has mirrors around it

Dining room with mirrors

8 – Top of the trunk and a very modern chandelier

Different chandelier

9 – This table below is entirely made of glass, from its top to its legs

Table with glass top and legs

10 – An even simpler table if you take into account some of the models above, but that doesn’t make it any less amazing!

Dining room

11 – Here we have the model of a round table with glass top

Round coffee table with glass top

12 – This dining room stands out not only for its wooden table, but also for all the other elements that make it up

Beautiful dining room

13 – Another round table with glass top

Round coffee table with glass top

14 – The round table also goes well with wooden chairs

Round table with glass top

15 – The one below is not good for the dining room, but it can be used in small meetings and during breakfast

Coffee table with glass top for breakfast

16 – A small table with glass top

Small glass table

17 – This glass table is beautiful, and the lighting on the ceiling is sure to make your dinner even more delicious

Glass dining table

18 – Another glass table model, this time with a beautiful kitchen in the background

Beautiful kitchen

19 – And if you like to innovate, then check out this chandelier just above the table

Differentiated chandelier

20 – One of the simplest models we bring to you, but without losing its charm

Round glass table

21 – And this table right in the center of your kitchen bringing extra charm to the environment

Glass table in the middle of the kitchen

22 – Yes, the table is beautiful, but notice how amazing the chandelier is

23 – This table below is another one entirely made of glass, from its top to its support, and the coolest thing is that it is all made of transparent glass.

Transparent glass table

24 – The glass top is even “normal”, what really highlights this table is its base

Different basis

25 – The purple color matches very well with the glass table in this room

Purple Chairs

26 – A dining room with a more “standard” model, standing out for the decoration around

Dining room

27 – A small square table with a glass top

Square coffee table with glass top

28 – This is not quite a glass table, since it is just above the wooden top, but even so it is still very beautiful!

Wooden table with glass top

29 – Do you want a table in a more modern model? So just check out the one below!

Modern table

30 – Here, not only the table, but the whole environment seems to be made of glass, which makes everything amazing!

Glass room

31 – The design of the rug is reflected in the legs of this glass table, making everything even more incredible!

Beautiful carpet being reflected

32 – Another simple glass table, where the different here is given by your support

Glass table with different support

33 – A very simple and common model

Simplest model

34 – The base of this glass table is what makes it different from the others

table with different base

35 – And for those who like different lighting, here’s another model to make your dining room even more amazing!

Different luminaires

36 – And finally, how about a crystal lamp just above your glass table? Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Crystal lamp

The glass dining table is the main part of the room. Therefore, the choice of this furniture must be careful, taking into account the format, the available space, your need and the decorative style to be adopted. Don’t forget to insert good lighting in the space so that it has even more prominence!