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Currently, minimalism has stood out in the market, especially the minimalist decoration. This is because this decoration model has numerous advantages. Such as practicality and an extremely low cost.

However, when we talk about this type of decoration, it is common for people to have some doubts about it. After all, even though it is a very basic style, it is important that you know its main characteristics to adhere to this decoration model.

In addition, the cool thing about minimalist decor is that unlike other styles, this one brings advantages not only to your home decor, but to your personal life as well. Since the organization, cleanliness and practicality is something that can not be missing. So, you avoid stress in everyday life and have a much more peaceful life.

Therefore, for those who are thinking of following this style of decoration, I brought some essential information for you to understand how to do it. And of course, at the end of this article, I separated some minimalist decoration models for you to be inspired. Then, see the full article below:

What is minimalism?

But after all, what is minimalism? Before I tell you the main characteristics of this style and show you how to do it, it is important that you know what it is. So to start it is important that you understand that minimalism is not just a style of decoration.

It is a movement, cultural, artistic and scientific that started in the 60’s in the USA. Thus, minimalism is everywhere, including in the decoration itself.

The main idea of ​​this movement is to live peacefully, excluding excess and everything that does us harm. So much so that if you are going to observe this type of decoration, you will notice that the houses are very simple. That is, no furniture, objects, items in general and a lot of organization and cleanliness.

So, from the moment you add this decoration to your home, you will have a much more peaceful space.

In addition, for those who want to invest in this decorative style, it is also interesting to add their own lifestyle. After all, there is no point in creating a beautiful decoration if you do not educate your mind to keep everything organized. In fact, minimalism is not just a matter of aesthetics, but of functionality and practicality.

Main features

Now focusing more on minimalist decor I will show you what are its main features. In this way, you will be able to easily create this type of decoration in your home, without any difficulty.

Therefore, see below what are its main characteristics that should be in the environment:

Number of things

As I mentioned above, minimalism very much preaches this idea of ​​eliminating excess. This is because people usually have the habit of buying things that they don’t even want to use. So, both in the decoration and in the lifestyle, minimalism preaches this.

Thus, if you choose to put this decoration in your home, it is necessary to highlight that when less is more. So you need to create ample circulation space, use few objects and furniture, being just what is necessary.


The next characteristic of minimalist decor is the presence of plants in the house. However, not everyone uses plants. But the idea is for you to use these styles as a base and adapt it to your tastes.

However, if you look at most minimalist houses, you’ll notice that you always have a floor plan. This is because the plants bring a lot of tranquility and well-being to the environment. Being exactly what minimalism preaches. So, once you put some plants in your home, you create a much more peaceful and cozy space.

Bright colors

Not everyone knows, but the use of light colors brings breadth to the home. In fact, you can see in the models below that the minimalist houses are white. And consequently they look huge.

But the truth is that white brings this feeling of spaciousness in the place. In addition, white brings incredible peace to the place. So much so that white is very associated with peace and tranquility.

In addition to white, other colors that are present in the minimalist decor are black and gray. After all, even though black is a dark shade, it is simple and neutral. So the environment is not heavy when used in some details.

Furniture and objects

Using few furniture and objects in the minimalist decor is essential. However, what not everyone knows is that the type of furniture and object is also part. For example, the simplest sofa with the iron foot is essential for this type of decoration. Precisely because it is very simple. So it is essential that you are aware of this.

In addition, it is important to note that it is not because a particular object or piece of furniture is simple that it is no longer beautiful or modern. Even most of this minimalist furniture have a very different and very pleasant design. That way, I suggest you start researching more about these types of furniture to get to know and aggregate.

Minimalist decor template in small room

Minimalist decor is something that can be found in every room. So it is nice to check out some models of each room to get to know.

Starting with the living room, it is important to have a certain amount of attention with this space. This is because the living room is often the main environment of a home. After all, it is precisely in this room that you will receive friends and family.

In view of this, in the case of minimalist decor in the living room, ample space is essential! But in the case of a small room, my suggestion is that you place a very simple sofa a few meters in front of the wall. So that you have a circulation space behind and in front of the sofa.

The presence of the carpet is something viable, but not essential. However, if you choose to place a rug, I suggest it to be a very simple one, beige, light gray or white. The coffee table, on the other hand, is also very welcome in this type of decoration. But of course it has to be very basic. Preferably the iron ones without so many details.

And in relation to the bookcase and television, I suggest that you put only one panel on the wall with the television. After all, you don’t need a lot of furniture and objects in the room.

Minimalist decor in the room

In the minimalist decor in the room it is important to note that we have to take two things into account. The first being practicality and the second being comfort. So when it comes to a more personal environment, your attention should be doubled. Mainly because it is a space in which you have to feel cozy.

So, my first suggestion is that you create a gray wall , to give a little highlight in this environment. On that same wall, you place a bed with all the white bedding.

If you don’t have a closet at home, I have two suggestions. But before showing you it is important to understand that minimalism is also in the wardrobe. Using few accessories, shoes and clothes.

So my first suggestion is to put a small wardrobe and the second and make an open space in the room. So it will be visible inducing you to always keep everything organized and having few clothes.

Minimalist decor template in the kitchen

The next environment I set aside for the minimalist decor is the kitchen. In this environment it is important to highlight that cleanliness is essential. Precisely because it is an environment that gets dirty easily and we have white as the main color.

That way, you bet on white furniture and silver appliances. So that these two colors create a contrast with each other making it very pleasant. In addition, on the countertops, my suggestion is that you use black granite. Since it is a very present color in this type of decoration, then it becomes something very pleasant.

Home office with minimalist decor

For those who work from home it is very likely that they have a home office. So for these people, I also separated some tips and information about the minimalist decor in this environment.

Thus, to begin with, it is necessary to highlight the organization. Since many times people put lots of papers, books and documents, thus filling the space. So, the first thing you have to do is organize everything. One suggestion is to buy boxes, organizer folders and label everything.

The next thing we need to highlight is the objects are movable. In this case, a large white table together with the white chair is more than enough. Of course, you can use some small decorative objects, but nothing too exaggerated.

In addition, a suggestion is you instead of using bookshelves to make only a few shelves. This way you will increase the circulation space and leave less things in the environment.

Bathroom with clean decor

The next environment is the bathroom in which the minimalist decor is simply beautiful in this space. Just like in the kitchen, cleanliness is essential in this room as well. In fact, it is another space that gets dirty very easily.

However, for those who have the opportunity to have a bathtub it is something very interesting in this type of decoration. But for those who don’t, you can make a minimalist decor easily.

So, in this case, my suggestion is to bet on white on the floor, wall and vase. And in black you can put it in the sink and in a cupboard. This way you will also create a contrast and make the environment very pleasant.

In addition, it is important to highlight that most of the time people use exposed shampoo and cream. But in this decoration everything has to be kept in its proper place. So, look for it is always attentive in this regard.

Dining room

Finally, the last place to highlight the minimalist decor is the dining room. In this space you will basically only need a dining table.

But in order not to be too empty you can put a big picture and a beautiful pendant on the table. That way, you will complete the space, but still leaving it quiet and simple.

How to make this decoration?

Before finishing this article, I brought 4 amazing days for you to make this decoration in your home. Thus, if you are thinking of investing in this style, I suggest you feel it now, take a paper and a pen and pay close attention noting the main tips. See the complete tips below:

Less is more!

The first tip for making a minimalist decor is that less is more. This is not new, I even mentioned the characteristics of this style, but it is still important to highlight.

So, if you are setting up your home decor now, try to buy a few things. For example, in the living room, buy only the essentials, the sofa and a TV panel. So you will make a very minimalist environment.


The next tip is for those who already have a decoration ready and want to change. That way, the first thing you have to do is let go. In fact, I have already said that excess is something unforgivable in this movement.

So, start throwing away, donating or selling everything you don’t use. Because the more space available in the environment and the fewer things, the better.

Create a large circulation space

As I just mentioned above, circulation space is essential. After all, it wouldn’t be pleasant to be bumping into everything. So, always try to leave ample space in your home, to make this type of decoration look really cool.

A suggestion is basically what I mentioned above, that is, do not use too much furniture. This way you will have more space available and consequently it will be more pleasant.

Create a cleaning frequency

And to finish, the last tip to make a minimalist decoration is to have a cleaning frequency. It is important to note that cleanliness is essential. That way, you need to keep everything clean and organized in your home.

In addition, an excellent suggestion is that you create rules and a cleaning schedule. That way, you will be able to keep your home always clean much more easily.

Images to be inspired!

Minimalist bedroom with wooden wall

Room with shelf with books

Plants decorating the room

Frame with abstract art

Minimalist frame composition

Large room with plants

Minimalist room with plants in the decor

Pallet coffee table

Round mirror and plant in decoration

Gray sofa with patterned cushions

Shelf with decorative details

Looks like burnt cement in the room

Details of gilt in the environment

Black and white room with plants

Home office with black details

Minimalist living room with brown chairs

Wooden furniture in a minimalist room