Pallet House: How to do it? Multiple Photos!

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Pallet House - Step 18

Pallets are really a material that allows you to do a lot with it, they are practically disputed for the making of the most diverse furniture and decorations. But did you know that you can even make a pallet house? I bet not…

For here in this article we will teach you step by step for you to build a pallet house, remembering that it is really a little house, that is, perhaps children are the ones who most benefit from this small project. Or maybe not, I wouldn’t particularly leave my pallet house for anything …

Ready to start this project? Well then, let’s go!

Assembling a pallet house

It is good that I start by saying that actually assembling a pallet house is not that simple, but following the step by step below you should be able to do it without any major problems. And if you already have some carpentry skills, then everything will be even easier!

In our research to introduce you to this step by step, we came across a shortage of articles in Portuguese that taught this. That is, below we will bring you step by step for a specific model of a pallet house, and we use an American article as a reference for this.

With that said, shall we start then?

Step by Step of a pallet house

Step 1 – Start drawing the project

And you thinking that all those playing The Sims and setting up your little house would be in vain, wouldn’t you say?

Every project is born out of an idea, that is, start by designing your project, of what your pallet box will look like. SketchUp is a tool that can help you a lot here.

Pallet House - Step 1 This is the model that will be assembled here in our step by step

Step 2 – Separating the pallets

The next step to do is to separate the pallets you will be using, and when I talk about separating I mean removing screws, nails, staples and everything that can hurt/hinder you during the assembly of your little house.

A screwdriver and hammer will help you a lot here in this step.

Step 3 – Creating the base

For this project, 260 cm planks were used to create the square base. In the middle were used the same boards with about 4 cm of cut and 2 cm on each side for a fit between the outer boards. Finally, 8 cm screws were used to screw everything.

Pallet House - Step 2

That done, it’s time to fit the floor of your pallet house. For this step-by-step house it was necessary to fit the floor in 2 parts, since the boards used were only 130 cm.

Pallet House - Step 3 In this example, the floor had to be made in parts, because the length of the boards did not reach the entire length

Step 4 – Lifting the walls

In the image below you can see how the wall frame is created. Right in the center is the opening for the window, 50 cm x 50 cm. The dimensions of the wall frame are 130 cm x 130 cm. For this purpose, the pallet beams were used where the planks were attached.

Pallet House - Step 4

This same wall skeleton must be created twice, so that you can place it on both sides of your pallet house. Secure them to the base with 8 cm screws, an average of 7 screws at the bottom for each frame.

Pallet House - Step 5

Step 5: The front wall

It is necessary that you make the front wall with 2 whole planks at the top, otherwise the structure will not be stable enough. As in the previous step, the right and left sides must be mirrored again, with each side containing a 50 cm x 50 cm window space, these window spaces being located higher than those of the side walls. The space for the door is 60 cm wide and 115 cm high. And of course, everything is screwed back into the base.

Pallet House - Step 6

Step 6: The rear wall

It is possible that the following image is a little difficult to see due to the position in which the photo was taken, but you still get a good idea of ​​the thing.

You may, for example, notice the use of vertical beams (columns) along the entire length, to create enough support. Screw everything to the base and side walls.

Pallet House - Step 7 Look at the bottom how the pallet “pillars” are being used

Step 7: The side planks

Now is the time to place the side planks and effectively close the walls.

Each side of the wall has 13 planks, which are attached from the bottom up. Always start from the bottom up, so it’s easier if you need to cut a board. Screw all the boards, with 4 cm screws, on the beams, remembering, of course, to cut the boards for the window and door spaces.

Pallet House - Step 8 Pallet House - Step 9

The good thing is that at the rear you won’t have to worry about doors and windows, being able to use 2 columns of 13 planks for the service.

Step 8: The small balcony

Until then, we had not even laid the verandah floor, but now we will focus on the balcony of your pallet house.

Two ceiling support beams were placed inside the base structure, and then they were screwed diagonally with several screws. After that, the front floor of the house was covered with another 26 pallet boards.

For the roof, 8 beams were used, 2 of which were placed horizontally on top of the wall frames. Then two beams are connected to each other, in order to form 2 wooden triangles that you must cut to meet the angle of your choice. Connect 2 triangles on both sides of the beams with several screws to secure them in place. In this model this was done three times, as you can see.

Pallet House - Step 10 The side fence is also quite easy to make

Pallet House - Step 11

Step 9: The roof

We will now focus on closing the roof of our house and pallets.

For the roof you have the option of using planks to cover its entire length, screwing them on each side, or else you can use plywood, as is the case with this specific project. No matter which one you choose to use, the end result will be the same.

Pallet House - Step 12 Note that both wooden planks and plywood are used here, that is, you can use either or both together

Step 10: Protection for wood

After reaching this stage, your pallet house will be practically ready, and now the best thing to do is to protect all the wood.

Start by sanding all the wood (and believe me, this is a really hard job to do, but at the same time it cannot be ignored), and then come with a varnish all the way around your house.

Pallet House - Step 13 Note that in this step you can also start creating window frames

Step 11: Painting and windows

The next step now is to focus on the windows and the painting.

Regarding the windows, you can even leave them open if you want, since the windows of this model were created pallet boards, plexiglass and cheap window locks.

The painting is entirely your choice, you can copy the one used in this example or create your own pattern.

Pallet House - Step 14 Take a good look at the windows, here the ideal is to put your imagination to work and do it in your style Pallet House - Step 15 And the same goes for painting, do something that conveys your style to your pallet house

Step 12: The finish on the roof

Now is the time to finish your roof, as there are countless tile options that you can use. In this step-by-step model, dark gray tiles were used, which were nailed to the roof panels.

On the sides, to achieve this cool effect, boards of corrugated pallets were screwed, cut with a saw.

Pallet House - Step 16

Step 13: The door

The last thing our pallet box is missing is the door, which you can start designing in SketchUp.

For the door of this specific project, it was made with 3 panels. The outer parts contain only the door frame, using pallet boards cut to the correct dimensions, the middle part being also made with pallet boards. The decorative flower was made by cutting a circle, with the leaves using a saw and pasting them on the door.

Pallet House - Step 17

Perhaps a reading in our article on how to put a wooden door can help you here, both in the part of the lock and the locks in your house.

Step 14: The final result

Below you can see how the pallet house looked, now duly finished, painted and decorated.

Pallet House - Step 18

Oh, and this whole tutorial we took directly from the Instructables Workshop site , if you want to check it out in full (and in English), just click on the link.

Some pallet house models

Above we teach you the step by step to assemble your own pallet house, however, this is just one of the several models that exist and that you can use. For obvious reasons, we cannot bring a step-by-step in this article to all the models that exist, so we hope that reading the model above can help you understand the general operation, so that you can use what you have learned in others. models.

Following this line of reasoning, below we will introduce you to several other models of pallet houses that exist, so you can get inspired to choose one and get your hands dirty, or better, on the pallet.

1 – The pallet box below is very similar to our step by step, with some minor differences

pallet house

2 – And if you want a more stripped model, just take a look at how beautiful the pallet house is below

triangular house

3 – And of course the houses are not only for humans, the doguinhos can also take advantage of them here

dog pallet house

4 – The model below makes it clear what the little house is made of, doesn’t it?

house with pallet

5 – And if you want a little place just to take that nap or read a quiet book, here’s a tip

quiet corner

6 – This model below even has a stove for your daughter to cook the most delicious meals

pallet house

7 – How about a pirate fort to stoke the kids’ imagination?

Pirate fort made from pallet

8 – The model below is simpler, even the door is made with pallet, only the roof that received a reinforcement here

pallet house with reinforced roof

9 – How about a little shop for the kids to take over and prepare the most diverse meals for you?

Pallet shop

10 – And following the same idea as the store above, just take a look at what a small pallet market would look like

Pallet market

11 – Look carefully at the windows of this pallet house below, notice how they were built and the way they open, maybe you can take advantage of this idea of ​​windows in other projects

pallet house


In this article above we show you a step-by-step guide for setting up your own pallet house, and we know that at first it may seem complicated. But nothing that with a little calm, planning and persistence you cannot do! Oh, and remembering that the models above are to inspire you since you can either copy one to assemble or create your own, the important thing is to get your hands dirty!

So, which of the models above did you like the most? Which one are you already dying to put into practice? Tell us in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you!