Sideboard Ornaments: Various Models!

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The composition of a dining room goes beyond the table and chairs. There is another very important piece of furniture, the sideboard. The sideboard for the dining room also serves as an aid during meals, where you can position the dishes making the organization more practical. However, it is not enough to just have the sideboard to compose your room, the ornaments you use on your sideboard are equally important here!

To help you choose both the ideal sideboard and the best decorations on your sideboard, we created this article. Below we will go through the best options of ornaments that you can use on your sideboard and make your room look beautiful. Follow!

Difference between sideboard and buffet

The first thing you should know before we move on to the sideboard ornaments is whether you are actually purchasing a sideboard. It is very common to confuse it with the buffet, so we bring the main characteristics of each one so that there is no mistake.

The main difference is that the buffet is a closed piece, with doors and drawers, while the sideboard is usually open, like a countertop. The sideboard has the practical function of being a support when serving dinner, but it is also a decorative piece. So, don’t be afraid to decorate it with flowers, picture frames, vases, sculptures, paintings and even a small bar.

Sideboard Buffet Basically we call Buffet a sideboard with several doors and drawers

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In addition, the sideboard is narrower in relation to the buffet and can be placed in various areas of the house, such as the entrance hall and TV room, while the buffet is specific to the dining room.

How to use the sideboard for living room in decoration

In a decorated room, the sideboard is a piece of furniture used to enhance the decor and bring functionality. Its main function is to give prominence and make other decorative objects appear more.

As it is narrower, it will be better suited to the dining room, so don’t be afraid to insert it in the decoration of this environment, even in small places. To complement, pay close attention to the ornaments to be placed on your sideboard, ornaments such as paintings, mirrors, vases and even lamps on the sideboard complement the decor very well.

But not only the ornaments deserve extra attention, the lighting also needs to be thought out carefully, invest in a chandelier that is located on top of the sideboard, giving prominence to the furniture. On the sides, you can place ottomans for those who wish to sit next to this item. What counts is to seek a balance between the ornaments used, the sideboard and the rest of the environment, so that it is not overloaded.

And you need not worry, as below we will present several options of ornaments for whatever your sideboard.

The main types of sideboard for dining room

The choice of the sideboard model is extremely important to create a cohesive and harmonic environment, in addition to helping to define which ornaments you will use on it. We have separated the main ones to help you choose the one that best matches your style and type of decor in your dining room. Check out!

Wood sideboard

The wooden sideboard is very versatile and can compose a rustic or modern design, what will determine is the finish of the furniture. It is worth remembering that this type of furniture has a specific texture and that will give a special touch to the environment.

Glass sideboard

If you like modern decor, the glass sideboard is the perfect choice. He is discreet and will not steal the attention of the environment.

Iron sideboard

An industrial decoration calls for an iron sideboard. Metal is the protagonist of the decoration and will fit your dining room with mastery.

Mirrored sideboard

The mirrored sideboard gives a modern touch to the environment, as well as the glass sideboard. It helps to make the room look bigger and wider, making it ideal for small dining rooms.

Lacquered sideboard

The lacquered sideboard is a trend and has become very popular in decorations. It has a characteristic brightness and color that will make the environment more fun.

Retro sideboard

This model of sideboard is very successful. It fits the vintage trend that is super high. Combine it with other retro furniture or mix it with more modern items.

Tall sideboard with classic design

The sideboard with classic design is perfect with black tables with rounded corners and chairs with white upholstery. It will leave the environment sophisticated and elegant. Place a chandelier on top of it and close the room decor in style.

Acrylic sideboard

Acrylic furniture is a trend among decorators, interior designers and architects. The sideboard would be no different. It is perfect for small dining rooms, as they are discreet and do not appear much. And combine with modern decorations.

Colorful Sideboard

The colorful sideboard is fun and will make the room very beautiful. It combines with furniture in neutral tones so as not to overload the environment.

Open frame sideboard

This sideboard combines with modern decorations. It is part of the decoration trend that shows what is inside the cabinets.

Where to buy sideboard for dining room?

The sideboard can be found in almost all furniture and decoration stores, both physical and online . Just do a quick search and you will find different models. Don’t forget to measure the space available before buying your furniture.

Tips for not making mistakes when choosing your sideboard for dining room

Now that you know several models of sideboards for dining room, it will be easier to decide which one is best for your room, as well as the ornaments you will put on it. But in order not to be mistaken, we have separated some tips. Check and follow them to get it right the first time.

Determine the use of the sideboard for the dining room

Before you start researching, be sure about what function your trimmer will play and where it will be. This information is extremely important when choosing the finish, size and model. Study your dining room a lot, to be able to determine where it will be placed and what is the decorative style of the other furniture.

Keep in mind the size

After choosing the location, measure the space you have available. This way, you will avoid making mistakes. A very large sideboard can disturb the passage in a room with small proportions. In a very large room, a small sideboard can go out and disappear into the room. Analyze your space and decide the perfect size for your sideboard.

Define the Template

When you have defined the use and size of your sideboard for dining room, choosing the model will be easier. The designs and materials available are varied, ranging from the simplest to the most complex, from the most neutral to the most colorful. Discover all the options available and choose the model that matches the style of the room. Look for a model that is harmonious and does not disturb the decoration of the environment.

Choose your finish

Finally, you will need to define the finish of your trimmer. There are wooden, aluminum, iron, mirrored, glass and even acrylic sideboards. Not to mention the available colors and details. Try to harmonize with the patterns of the furniture that are already in your room. Check the tone of the wall and the color of the wallpaper. Always try to create a harmonic and smooth environment, where nothing is overloaded.

Keep in mind the trimmings you will use

Having in mind in advance the ornaments you will use on your sideboard can help you choose the best model for what you want. That is, equally important a sideboard that fits well with the environment, are the ornaments that fit well with the sideboard.

Sideboard ornament tips

And to help you choose the best ornaments for your sideboard, we have separated some good tips that can help a lot with this. To start, if you want to have several objects on display, then the best thing to do is to choose more discrete and minimalist objects.

If you have a sideboard that already draws attention by itself, then it is best not to fill it with ornaments. Keep in mind that the wallpaper behind the sideboard, or even a mirror on it, is also an excellent choice for embellishments, as well as picture frames and frames.

Keep in mind that there is no need for symmetry in the ornaments that decorate your sideboard. Investing in a somewhat “chaotic” environment gives the feeling of modernity and movement.

Now, if you have a vintage sideboard, don’t overdo the decorations. Due to its old and sophisticated aesthetics, the sideboard itself already has decorative elements, that is, few ornaments on it are ideal here.

Ornaments for the sideboard of the classic type

If your sideboard is of the classic type, there are several options of ornaments that you can use to accompany it.

1 – The ornaments for a classic sideboard begin with the simplest type, such as pictures and flower pots

Classic sideboard

2 – For a small sideboard, opt for small ornaments, and also try to leave the conventional and innovate even in the ornaments you choose to use

Classic sideboard

3 – For a white sideboard, which combines with an all-white back wall, opting for white ornaments will help maintain the tone of the environment

Classic sideboard

4 – And if you are going to use your sideboard in the dining room, plates and cutlery become good options for ornaments

Classic sideboard

5 – But of course, you don’t have to stick to cutlery alone, small plant pots and picture frames are also a good idea

Classic sideboard

6 – A mirror behind your sideboard also becomes an excellent decoration option

Classic sideboard

7 – For a small dining room, large vases are good decorations for your sideboard

Classic sideboard

8 – Going back to the mirrors, using them in different sizes are great options for embellishments for your sideboard, so you still go out of the standard!

Classic sideboard

9 – For a large dining room, with a small sideboard, small ornaments are ideal

Classic sideboard

10 – The embellishments for this sideboard below match perfectly well with the environment, and the breakfast already starts well. Not to mention that the contrast of the colors of the wall to the background complement very well!

Classic sideboard

Modern type sideboard ornaments

And if you prefer that more modern sideboard, know that there are several options of ornaments to complement it!

1 – For a more modern sideboard, books and plant pots become the best ornaments!

modern sideboard

2 – Now for this sideboard below that has a very different shape, nothing better than ornaments that also have different shapes

Dining room

3 – This sideboard below has a more “serious” tone, so its ornaments should consist of books, lamps and even a plant pot

modern sideboard

4 – Now for this sideboard with such a unique shape, the ornaments at the top are small plant pots, while at the bottom you can store all your books

modern sideboard

5 – Now for this sideboard that looks more like two, small ornaments for its small part, and larger ornaments for most of it

modern sideboards

6 – For this sideboard below, where it alone draws attention, it is important that the ornaments are simple and do not stand out too much

dining room

7 – In this sideboard, where its base is the differential, the same logic is followed, its decorations should not steal the scene, but only complement it


8 – The sideboard of this image below ends up getting lost in the midst of so many details, and as it is not the key piece here, its ornaments should not attract so much attention either


9 – Using various ornaments for your sideboard can end up even “polluting” the environment visually, be careful with that


10 – The cool thing about this sideboard below is the fact that it is mobile, that is, food in its upper part that can be transported everywhere, besides also serving as decorations to complement the room

modern sideboards

11 – The design of this sideboard is quite unusual and stands out by itself, even ending up “hiding” all its ornaments

differentiated sideboard

Ornaments for a rustic sideboard

And if your sideboard is of the rustic type, it is important that the ornaments chosen for it combine well!

1 – For this rustic sideboard below, all its ornaments are also rustic (even the back wall), combining well with all the elements

rustic sideboard

2 – This sideboard stands out only for its design, so it is important to take care that the ornaments do not steal the scene

Rustic furniture

3 – This one already has several ornaments, which is no problem because its own design does not stand out so much in the environment

rustic furniture

4 – Rustic ornaments to compose the environment well, as is the case even of this kitten that seems to be alive

rustic sideboard

5 – The idea of ​​this sideboard below is to bring a feeling of “nature” to those who see it, and he does it masterfully!

rustic sideboard

6 – When using the sideboard in the hall, you do not want to draw much attention, so it is best to invest in more discreet ornaments

rustic furniture

7 – Candles and vases on the top, and books on the bottom!

rustic furniture

8 – The sideboard also becomes a good option to store all your drinks

rustic furniture

9 – Fruit bowls and flower pots are other good options for ornaments to use on the sideboard

rustic furniture

10 – Just as they are also a great place to house your paintings

rustic furniture

11 – This sideboard below is totally rustic, standing out by itself in the environment, in other words, the decoration cannot attract more attention than itself

rustic sideboard

Retro and vintage sideboard ornaments

And for those who enjoy a more retro and vintage wave, check only the options of ornaments you have for your sideboard!

1 – Starting with a very nice sideboard, all in blue, where the decoration is usually simple, without stealing the scene

retro sideboard

2 – This sideboard below is really retro, even the retro phone above helps to highlight it well

Coffee table with retro phone on top

3 – Below are several different sideboard options to help you get a better idea of ​​how each decor works for them.

retro sideboard

4 – Here we have another sideboard of strong color, and remembering that in this case the ornaments must be simple, so as not to steal the scene

retro sideboard

5 – And of course, the sideboard is also a good place to store your drinks!

drinks on top

6 – And speaking of storing drinks, this sideboard below really focuses on this

to store the wine

7 – How about a colorful sideboard in a very lively environment?

retro sideboard

8 – You can even transform drawers into beautiful sideboards

Reusing the drawers

9 – For a vintage sideboard, the ornaments should be simple, like a potted plant or just books about it

vintage sideboard

10 – For this vintage sideboard below, the decorations chosen were to highlight the luminosity, such as a chandelier and a lamp

vintage sideboard

11 – Another option for vintage sideboard, note that again the ornaments are simple, without stealing the scene

12 – Here we have another sideboard of strong color, where again the decoration is simple, without stealing the protagonism

retro sideboard

13 – Another strong cut sideboard, this time all in white, and the ornaments are also white, combining the elements well and complementing the decoration of the place

14 – And lastly we have this yellow sideboard, which combines very well both with the elements on top of it and with the decoration of the wall in the background

Yellow coffee table

So, which of the sideboards above did you find more beautiful? Which one best suits your environment and the decorations you already plan to use on them? Tell us in the comments below!