Swimming Pool Designs: 65 Inspirations and Tips for Choosing Yours

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It is increasingly common to look for a swimming pool installation in homes, mainly because we live in a tropical country that is very hot. There are many models of swimming pools available on the market, so the task of choosing the one that will look best in your home is so difficult.

We can find different shapes, materials, styles and sizes. Some are more classic, others more modern. The important thing is to choose the one that best fits your outdoor area, your style and your pocket.

Before going after yours, it is worth studying the sunstroke you want to have at certain times to take advantage of what your pool has to offer. To help you, we have made a selection of incredible tips and inspirations! Check out:

Pool materials and models

The most traditional materials are fiber and tile, but nowadays, we already find novelties such as tiles, porcelain tiles and coverings. It is also important to note that the type of floor that will be placed around the pool must be non-slip to prevent accidents and enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor area. We selected the main characteristics of each material below:

Concrete or tile

This material has the advantage of its versatility, since it is built-in masonry, it adapts to different shapes and sizes, allowing you to customize your pool as you wish. A large number of finishes are also available, such as traditional tiles, classic tile and stones. When well designed, it is a pool that will have a lot of durabilities, having to be done only minor maintenance over the years.

The main disadvantage is that its price is higher in relation to other materials, mainly because of the labor. And the construction time is more time-consuming, taking about 2 months to be ready.

The maintenance of this type of pool will depend on the quality of the construction. If it is done by a good professional, on a stable ground and with good waterproofing, it is unlikely to have problems, but it is important to carry out a thorough inspection to avoid cracks and cracks every 10 years.

The cleaning of this pool can be a little more difficult in the part of the joints that join the lining, but it needs to be done periodically so as not to allow dirt to accumulate.


The vinyl pool has a fast construction time, around 1 month. The investment is also lower than masonry, making it a great option for those in a hurry and a shorter budget.

Cleaning is very simple since the pool is made with a cover that covers the structure, eliminating the covering with grout. It does not require waterproofing with products and finishes to combat infiltration because the vinyl itself is made with a waterproofed material.

And it also allows the pool to be customized with prints to have an outdoor area with your face.

However, the vinyl pool is more fragile than the others, having less durability. The lining does not have such resistance to friction and dryness and can tear. And you need to be careful with chlorine because its excess can fade the design.


The fiber pool has a very fast installation time, being only 3 weeks. The material is very durable because it is resistant, even remaining intact for decades. Cleaning is very simple, as the surface is smooth and does not accumulate dirt.

The initial cost is the main disadvantage of this model, as it can be slightly higher than the others and is not as versatile as it is pre-molded, not allowing the customization of the shape or coating.

Like concrete pools, it is important to carry out preventive maintenance every 10 years to prevent bubbles from appearing in the structure. And like vinyl pools, it does not require waterproofing.

Tips for choosing your pool models

Now that you know the main materials, we have selected tips on what to take into account when choosing your pool. Remembering that it is a durable and high investment item, so there is little care. Check out:

Abuse of Forms

Choose the way you like best, knowing that the common and most traditional pools are rectangular. But if you prefer something more creative, invest in a different design. The square pools create a contemporary and very elegant look. The rounds, on the other hand, are the face of modernity. And there is also the possibility of alternating straight and curved lines to have a unique model.


The size of the pool should suit the space available in your leisure area. Therefore, it is very important to hire a competent professional to perform the service and make the most of the place where the pool will be installed.

Other elements

After installing the pool, it is important to think about the items that will be placed around you. Invest in lighting inside and outside the pool, fountains, waterfalls. Think about the deck around, place a chaise lounge, make the look relaxing and comfortable. It is also worth creating landscaping around it to bring nature closer.

65 photos of swimming pool models for all styles that will inspire you

Now that you know the different materials and the possibilities of each one, we have selected incredible projects that will give you an idea of ​​what you can do in your leisure area. Observe the shapes of the pools and the items that have been added around them to make them even more charming. Check out:

1- Oval pool with thinner edges to give a touch of design


2- Rectangular swimming pool with ladder for easy access and the entire length with the same depth


3- The round pool with waterfall is modern and great for enjoying sunny and hot days


4- The pool with deck brings extra charm to the outdoor area


5- This model has two different heights that serve as benches to sit and relax


6- Rectangular with glass railing to enjoy the view and enjoy the sun


7- This rectangular pool has two depths to be able to enjoy people of all sizes and ages


8- Indoor and heated to be able to swim on cold days


9- The perfect pool for smaller and elevated outdoor areas so you don’t have to break the floor


10- With tablets and coverings to enjoy a relaxing moment all year round, rain, shine


11- An elevated swimming pool with wooden deck to relax on the sun lounger


12- The pool can adapt to the format and space available on the ground


13- There are differentiated models that are different from conventional rectangles, squares and rounds


14- How about this L-shaped pool with a ladder to make it easier to get in and out?


15- A large pool to accompany the space available in the outdoor area and well lit to enjoy day and night


16- Very close to nature to really relax


17- An indoor pool model for those who like to take advantage of all available spaces


18- This pool with straight lines gained a special touch when positioned between the deck and the garden


19- Wood can make any space more elegant and stylish


20- A modern waterfall for those who do not give up style


21- An example of a small pool perfect for indoor areas


22- The fiber pool is much more charming when it has a wooden deck around


23- The lighting project is essential for those who like to enjoy the pool after the sun goes down


24- In apartments, it is possible to have a swimming pool installed on the balcony, when the building design allows


25- An incredible design with a wider edge to contrast with the deck


26- Take advantage of the areas around the pool to have a garden with plenty of greenery


27- The perfect pool to cool off and relax on stressful days


28- A low waterfall for those who enjoy listening to the sound of falling water


29- Place a pergola next to the pool to be able to relax and invite friends to chat


30- The ladder of this pool was made with steps in the water to facilitate access and can also serve as a seat


31- The important thing is that the finish of the pool is very well done to be safe and charming


32- This pool has a different shape and it even fit a small garden in the middle


33- This pool resembles the shape of a drop, perfect for homes with a more modern design


34- A waterfall on the rocks to complement the look of this small and cozy pool


35- For small spaces, invest in swimming pools that are functional and respect the boundaries


36- How did this other idea finished with São Tomé stones


37- A non-regular elevated pool to fit a small deck at the end


38- The infinity pools are super trendy and make the look more modern


39- The indoor pool must be heated to be able to be used in all seasons


40- It can have several sizes and depths, as is the case with this model


41- A high and ornate model with stones for a visually attractive result


42- A square pool in an outdoor area with neutral and light tones that give the feeling of spaciousness


43- A pool near a corner with lots of cushions to relax and sunbathe


44- Cascade, besides being beautiful is a delight to stay under and enjoy the falling water


45- The bottom of the pool may have a different color from blue, as is the case with this model that is pulled more towards the green


46- The pool extends to the deck where there are mattresses to relax and enjoy the days off


47- Glass-edge pools are new and are gaining more and more fans for their visual appeal


48- Normally, they are elevated and combine with modern decorations


49- They are great for those who like to see all the contents of the pool and yields great photos in the water


50- It is always good to have a space with seats inside the pool for the days you just want to relax


51- Merge elements, such as stones and wood to have a complete look in your external area


52- The fiber pool is even more charming when it has a wooden deck around it


53- It is important that the space around the pool is non-slip to avoid accidents with wet feet


54- This pool looks like it has more than one pool inside it


55- Tablets are elegant and make the pool look very attractive and charming


56- With a view like this, the days are much more relaxing and fun


57- There is the possibility of placing a sun lounger in the shallowest part of the pool


58- Light tones are great to contrast with the blue of the pool and make the space more comfortable and welcoming


59- Small pools can also have a waterfall


60- With an outdoor area like this, you’ll never want to leave the house again


61- Two pools with different depths that are close together in the space for a more linear decoration


62- With a terrain with different levels, it is possible to have a swimming pool that suits each height


63- The wooden deck is always the most elegant alternative to make the pool area more beautiful


64- Rectangular swimming pools are very traditional and impossible to make mistakes when decorating


65- How about this model of fiber that had a finish of inserts to be more beautiful?


There are many models of swimming pools available on the market, but with our tips and ideas, it will be much easier to choose the one that best suits you. Remember to hire a competent professional who will do the best service to avoid future headaches and allows you to enjoy your pool to relax and cool off for much longer!